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Shine Blue For Hope

April Is Child Abuse Prevention Month

Live Events NY is sponsoring the first of its kind “Shine Blue for Hope” Campaign – The color “Blue” represents the nationally recognized Child Abuse Prevention Month – For Child Advocacy Centers across the country. April is a time for communities to come together, to build caring connections, supportive environments, and positive experiences for all children while raising awareness on serious issues that impact children lives. We know child maltreatment/abuse is a preventable problem, but without community support, nothing will change.

Why We Chose Hope

Why use the word “HOPE” when talking about child abuse prevention, without “HOPE” we as community members wouldn’t strive to make this world a better place for the child within our community, without “HOPE”, children would have nothing to live for when they experience child abuse. “HOPE” provides the faith, that circumstances can and will change. “HOPE” offers the belief that someone no matter how young, can reframe their experiences to help others in the world and show that even when life gives you tart lemons, you can make sweet lemonade.

Shine A Blue Light

Hopefully, this year the blue lights being shown throughout the community will be a reminder that we as community care and are willing to invest time and energy into making a difference in the lives of children and family’s impacted by crime in our region. Live Events NY strongly believes in working toward solutions to prevent child abuse while providing positive experiences for children growing up within our community. During the month of April, 2022 Live Event NY will be working in conjunction with local business’s, City of Norwich, Chenango County Court, and Chenango County Department of Social Services to display blue lights all over the City of Norwich. If you would like to support the “Shine Blue for Hope” campaign or display a blue light, feel free to reach out to Live Event NY or by posting a pic of a blue light on our Facebook account.
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